Unexpected Beginning, Unknown Ending

30 Days from now, something magical is about to happen. I started a project with 2 of my colleagues in the most unexpected way 300 days ago. From just a sprout of an idea, we have nurtured it and we will be launching it to the world in 30 days! The Project is “Broken Hearts”.

It is an unconventional card game aimed to deliver the message of love and bravery. The journey has not been a smooth one with countless of rejections and self-doubt (Broken Hearts). Yet, I am thankful for 2 of my co-creators who have continued this journey with me all the while giving me their love and support.

Today, as we commence our 30 days countdown, we are tremendously excited yet equally worried about how the world will respond to our first creation in 30 days when we officially launch on Kickstarter. We are hopeful that it can change millions of lives by giving people the bravery to seek love after getting their hearts broken. Yet, we do not know if the world will be ready to receive our message of love through the game. This waiting really makes me jittery. Additionally, one of our biggest worries is the name “Broken Hearts” because it might sound as if we’re encouraging heartbreak! In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Knowing that everyone would have “Broken Hearts” at some point in their lives, and our hope is that our game will encourage people to be brave and face their “Broken Hearts”. Isn’t it true that our shadows have no power in the light? Maybe by facing our hurts face on can we begin falling in love with life again

We have spent almost 300 days on our journey of this creation and while we’ve faced numerous rejections, we are grateful to receive countless encouragement and experienced fun moments as well! With the birth of “Broken Hearts”, we hope to change millions of lives by giving people the courage to love again after getting their hearts broken.

#Playbrokenhearts #bebrave #loveagain

Signing off with love…

Joey from Broken Hearts!