“We started this card game in the most unexpected way”

Being a simple girl, I held on to this fairy tale fantasy of being in love. I was so devastated when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend that I could not bring myself to speak a word of it to anyone, until one fateful day when I was discussing about relationship topics with my 2 friends aka co-founders. They were really shocked as I hid the fact so well that there were no traces of any heartbreak.

Truth be told, my heart was shattered. I knew I was heart-broken but I did not want to waste my life by dwelling on the anguish that pervaded me. So, I decided to turn pain into positive energy and suggested to my co-founders on the creation of a relationship card game that would let broken-hearted people in the world be brave and believe in love again!

To be honest, we have faced many challenges and rejections along the journey as three of us are not familiar with card or board games, but that’s also the reason why most of the people felt the game mechanism is unique. There were so many times we feel like giving up, but we never forgot the reason as to why we started it. In life, we will all eventually face rejections, failures and in general “broken hearts”, but these are the lessons that open doors of opportunities.

Why do we insist in using “Broken Hearts” as the name of our card game, despite many people asking us to change the name as it sounds negative? We feel strongly that everyone would have “Broken Hearts” at some point in life, and we hope that people can be brave to face their “Broken Hearts” and fall in love with life again.

Fall in love in the game, Fall in love with the game.

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Signing off with love…

Joey from Broken Hearts!