Blessings of a Break Up

When I reflected on the people I’ve met so far, I realized that each person who came into my life has helped shaped the person I’ve become today. They have each served a specific purpose for my personal growth. You attract a person into your life because you needed to learn and grow… and so the universe sends someone at that point of time and everything happens for a reason.

I went through a breakup during last year and fast forward to today, I have to say that I’m thankful for the experience. It made me so much stronger and made me reevaluate my life – I wanted to do something fun and challenging – I created a relationship card game that would let broken-hearted people in the world be brave and embrace love again!

One secret blessing about breakups are that they are an invitation to work on the most important relationship you will ever have – the relationship you have with yourself. You will get to know yourself better and enjoy your own company. You will have much more time to focus on yourself. You can seriously take time to look at what you’re passionate about in life and do something about it. You have an opportunity to reinvent yourself into a person who is bigger, better and stronger than the devastated and heartbroken person you were. You will have more quality time with your family and I always believe that no one is too busy it’s just a matter of priorities.

In life, we will all eventually face rejections, failures and in general be “Broken Hearted”, but these are the lessons that open doors of opportunities. Knowing that everyone would have “Broken Hearts” at some point in life, and I hope that you can be brave to face your “Broken Hearts” and fall in love with life again.

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Signing off with love…

Joey from Broken Hearts!