Why People Do Not Express Their Love?

In the creation of Broken Hearts, the essence of the game is to have five unique hearts connected with other players. How? By playing an “I like you” card, and both players must do the actions accordingly to form a connection. It might feel that a little awkward among a group of friends/strangers to blow kisses at each other.

However, we have noticed that we worry too much about how people judge us in social situations. Can you imagine how your friends would react if you blow a kiss to them? I believe the energy will be extremely different with laughter and joy even if they think you are crazy.

When was the last time you hugged your parents?

When was the last time you showed a ‘heart’ sign to someone that needed some courage or affection?

Most of you will feel awkward expressing your love to others. This is why we hope that through this innovative and entertaining game – consisting five unique heart characters to bring people closer together -, it will encourage the players to show more positivity and affection. In the game, you will face rejections and figuratively broken-hearted but no worries, life moves on. Be brave and love again.

To me, love is the most powerful gift in the world. Instead of keeping it up inside you, it’s better to express your feelings to the ones you love, your friends and family to spread the love around. Trust me you will brighten up their day by your little actions!

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Signing off with love…

Joey from Broken Hearts!