Love Yourself

As we were working on Project Broken Hearts, we found that ultimately loving ourselves is the best way to start loving others.

How many roles do you have in life? A son, a daughter, a father, a husband, a brother, a sister, a student, a friend, as a colleague… A lot of people will focus on fulfilling different roles, yet you usually overlook the most important person in life – yourself. I think before you can be the best in every role you play, you must first your Best Self, and the first step to do so is to learn to love yourself.

Self-love is one of the critical lessons in our game. From our observation of different people playing the game, we realized that this is the missing element in most of the people. Through the game, we hope to encourage people to love yourself before loving others.

For me, every relationship is a mirror reflection of the relationship with yourself. If you love yourself, your other relationships will eventually improve.

Loving yourself is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It takes a lot of time and effort, but the best relationships do. Start with small things, all of the little improvements will make you feel happy. For me, I will always look into the mirror, give a smile to myself and say “Jiayouuuuuu (Keep going)” before I kickstart the day.

Self-love involves treating yourself with kindness, care and support. Learning to love yourself allows you have a better reflection on your relationship with others. When one is faced with difficult life struggles, or mistakes, failures, and inadequacies, you will respond with kindness rather than harsh self-judgment and recognize that imperfection is part of our life experience and being happy doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be perfect.

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Signing off with love…

Joey from Broken Hearts!