From Braces to Braces-less to brace

I had my braces for the past two years and today is my last day with it. This journey has made me realise that nothing is going to last long. Hence we should appreciate every moment in our life no matter good or bad 😉

Looking back, in these past two years, I have changed a lot. I learned to appreciate and also not to take things for granted. No matter how depressed you are, know that it is not going to last forever – no matter how happy you are or how great things might seem. Because of this I started to cherish every moment and be present.

Thank you, my friends, for the presence during every dental appointment in the past two years. I believe their patience level dramatically improved during the numerous hours of waiting time just because we cherish the moments we were able to have once a month. Sometimes I Guess this is how they express their love through their actions. This is how we encourage people to show their love in many different ways; to not feel awkward or hesitate because love is about convincing a stranger, a Friend, your parents, to your loved ones, but simply to anyone in the world.

Today let me think of a sentence – “Brace” yourself for what’s coming! You will only be a stronger person in the future.

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Signing off with love…

Joey from Broken Hearts!