Keep Giving, Keep Going

Before I started on the journey with Broken Hearts, I was a timid and insecure girl who easily to give up. Why is it so important to do something happily?

Today I went for a board game event. Surprisingly, there were not much crowd and only the game designers with a few participants. What I’ve learned from them as I can see their passion and persistent in introducing their games to just a few audiences. They did their best to make sure everyone is clear about the gameplay patiently.

They indeed proud of what they are doing, and it’s inspired me a lot. Makes me feel that I’m not alone and we are all a bunch of people who proud of what we are doing now.

They questioned me most of the time were what inspired you to come out with this card game? I’m not going to share with you guys my heart broken story because I believe some people have experienced worse than me but regardless of how the relationship ended, it’s always going to be painful.

Through the game, I hope all the broken-hearted people in the world able to be brave and love again. Always be proud of what you are doing now. I know that sometimes you will have self-doubt, uncertainties, and frustration along the journey but trust me, one day it will all make sense.

#playbrokenhearts #bebrave #loveagain

Signing off with love…

Joey from Broken Hearts!