Join Joey’s Movement to Spread The Love!

Joey decided to embark on this project after a heartbroken relationship. It is her first time managing a project that from the first impression, could make you feel the heartache, but the next moment you would feel the underlying warmth and love. This is her first time working with two little girls which are the other co-creators of Broken Hearts to create a card game together.

Broken Hearts is a 15 minutes game to express your love in a fun way with physical expression to your friends, family or even strangers! It teaches us to be brave to face the rejections and broken hearts which reflect in our daily lives. It encourages us to fall in love with life again.

“You might be curious why a card game but not an app, a book or anything else. This is because many of us do not know how to express love to our loved one. It encourages physical expression and self-love. I would not say the fear would disappear within a day or after a game. I hope it will slowly conquer all your concerns, from the moment you decide to take the first step to enjoy the moment with Broken Hearts!
No matter how much pain you might be in, we want you to know that it’s not going to last forever. #BeBrave and #LoveAgain.”

No matter who you are, thank you for being part of my journey…